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Thank You!

Thanks are in order the County of Grande Prairie, the Alberta Government through the CFEP grant,  and Veresen Midstream for emergency support to install new boilers in the hall last spring.  Thanks to both of them our hall is toasty warm this winter and we are able to host concerts, yoga, home school group, open mic pub nights and more to come.  Thanks as well to those private anonymous donors who also stepped up to the plate!
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Demmitt Community Playground

Thanks to all of our sponsors, volunteers and supporters!

Your support has helped to build a beautiful legacy project for the community and beyond!

Major Playground Funders

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As in all big projects there are always many players.  While COVID limited the amount of people that could work together at one time, there were many that had their hands in this project, whether it was with ideas, volunteer time, discounts, fabrication, supply, fundraising, building, cleaning up or supplying goodies for the crew!  This list attempts to cover as many involved as possible, but should you notice you are missing from the list, please let us know and we will add you on.  We appreciate all help given, thank you to everyone involved!
Demmitt Community Playground



Real Life Industries

Sean Procyk


Equipment Supply

Peak Play Consulting ltd.

Trevor Zahara



SMP Services Corp.


Scott Belair, Reporting Services North America

Trevor Zahara, CPSI, CSA Z614-20


Woodwork and Construction

Peter von Tiesenhausen

Lance Cornock



County of Grande Prairie No. 1

AGLC Casino

Veresen Midstream


In Kind donations -

Emberfab ltd = Lee Isaac and Jared Loetkeman

Colin Stotts

Pembina –sand, gravel, landscaping fabric, crane hire, lift hire

   - Hyer Oilfied Maintenance and Consulting –  lift and installation

             Evan Ducasse, Albert Vanwelzen

   - Roil Projects Inc. – Brandon Charbonneau - crane

Keman Holdings Inc - Galen Loetkeman

146 Enterprises – Tim Greber

Lance Cornock

Wapiti Woodwork – Adam Foster

Emerson Trail Building Supplies Ltd. – Bevan Toews

Hubert Meier

Peter von Tiesenhausen


2018 Casino Crew -  Kolby Peterson, Lance Cornock, Lisa Lundgard, Donovan Kitt, Kitty Hardy,  Kilian O’donoghue, Jeannette Borstad, Nancy Hope, Ashley Armstrong, Clay Armstrong, Lori Dalgleish, Peter von Tiesenhausen, Teresa von Tiesenhausen


Design and Building Volunteers

Mike Rourke

Carley Friesen

Hubert Meier

Luke Morrical

LeVasseur family

Morris family

Bulley family

David McGregor

Killian O’Donoghue

Kelly Southwell

Holm family

Peter and Teresa von Tiesenhausen

Magnus Tiesenhausen


Board Members 2018 – 2020 (from fundraising to opening)

Donovan Kitt

Lance Cornock

Lisa Lundgard

Carson Toews

Kolby Peterson

Julanka Kemper Bulley

Stacey Morris

Trina Mozel

Teresa von Tiesenhausen

Alexandra Lukacs

Kitty Hardy

Kilian O’donoghue

Kari Kitt

Rick Sipe

      The Demmitt Community Centre would not have been possible without the help of the community and the support of our sponsors.




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