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 Refer to the calendar on the home page for available dates.

Contact Shelley by text or call 780-832-2623 or for more information.

Demmitt Hall Rental Information

The Demmitt Hall is the perfect facility for concerts, weddings, family reunions, conferences, meetings, courses, retreats, birthday parties, and much more.  Fees below pertain to wedding weekend rentals.  For rates for other shorter events, please contact Shelley 780-832-2623.  Please have information ready such as type of event, how many people, facilities required (ie bar, kitchen, camping etc), length of event.  These will all have a bearing on the fee charged.


Rental Fees as of January 1, 2023 (fees are subject to change yearly)

The weekend wedding package rental rate for 2023 is $1900, for Friday noon to Sunday 3:00pm, Alberta time.  A $950 deposit is required upon booking to secure the desired date.   This fee also becomes your damage deposit.  The full rental fee of $1900 will be due 60 days prior to your booked date. (The total required to be paid before the wedding will be $2850.)  The damage deposit of 950. will be returned in full within 2 weeks after the wedding should there be no damage, extra cleaning charges, breaches of contract or hall guest rules, including liquor license rules or bringing pets in.  The maximum rental period is 4 days, Thursday to Sunday, the extra day rental fee for Thursday is $250.

Please note:  Wedding rental fees will be $2000, with a $1000 damage deposit for 2025 weddings. (unless booked before October 19, 2023)

Failure to check out by the time specified will charged an additional day.

Dates will not be secure until the $950 deposit is paid.  Contracts must be signed within 60 days of deposit being paid, or date will no longer be held.  Cancellations will incur a $175 fee, if cancelled with less than 60 days to wedding date it will be a $350 fee.

If excessive mess is left behind the renter will be charged an hourly rate for the hall to be cleaned (currently $25/hour, but subject to change).  If there is damage to the hall the Demmitt Cultural Society has the right to keep all or a portion of the $950 damage deposit as necessary for repairs.  Should there be issues with the bar (people bringing in outside alcohol, taking alcohol from bar anywhere other than the hall or west deck, or any kind of abuse toward the bartenders), the bartenders have the right to recommend keeping all or a portion of the damage deposit.

If the renters of the hall are not present during the final inspection, the presence of damages or excessive mess will be left to the judgement of a representative of the Demmitt Cultural Society.

Maximum Capacity - The maximum capacity for the hall during a wedding is 275.  The renter is responsible for making sure they do not exceed this number as per fire regulations.


Viewings - Hours for viewings are by appointment only. Please note weekend viewings during prime rental seasons are unavailable. Each wedding is allowed two viewings.  Additional viewings are $100.  

Hall Use and Decorations – Please use led candles if possible, or tea lights with tall protection, no tapers allowed. No pins, tape or tacks in the beams or walls.  Please use hooks provided on each beam when decorating. If ladders owned by the hall or by renter are used for decorating, they are used at renter’s own risk.  Do not prop doors open for any length of time, this increases opportunities for insects and rodents to enter.  If the hall is hot, there are fans that can be turned on and the blinds can be pulled down.  Opening the windows during the day when it is warmer outside than inside will only increase the temperature in the hall.  If you are camping, you can open the windows at night when it is cooler and close them in the morning to retain the cooler air.

The hall has composting toilets.  Please keep lids closed when not in use to activate air vacuum (keep smell away) and do not throw anything non compostable in.  There are fans in the tanks that exhaust air and create a vacuum. These occasionally fail or need to be cleaned.  Should there be a smell in the bathrooms and all lids have been kept closed, please contact Lance 780-512-3683.  This can be rectified quickly.

Please treat our kitchen drains kindly, do not pour fats or other substances down, this can cause blockage which requires renting a plumbing snake to fix.


Water - The water at the hall comes from a well but is filtered, and it is safe for drinking.  We supply 2 large bottles of water for the water cooler as well as additional bottles can be purchased for $10 each. 

Smoking - Our hall is timber framed and the walls are made of straw bales so we ask that if you have anyone who smokes please do so only in the parking lot and please dispose of cigarette butts in the appropriate butt containers.

Bar and Alcohol use -The rental fee includes two bartenders for the evening, however should the bar clear less than $400 in sales, $200 will be deducted from the damage deposit to cover the cost of the bartenders.  Currently drinks are $6 (tall cans $8.00) and a popular selection of beer, wine, coolers, and spirits are available.  The price and variety of stock are both subject to change.  Ice and mix are included.  Pop, water, and juice can be purchased for $1.  Bartenders are not responsible for coffee, tea and/or punch.  Last call for alcohol sales is at 1:00 am Alberta time.  Alcohol sales may be refused based on the discretion of the bartenders.  The liquor license only allows for alcohol purchased from the bar to be consumed in the hall and on the deck.  Alcohol purchased from the bar is not permitted on the grounds, parking lot or bridge.  No outside alcohol (purchased privately) is allowed in the hall at any time (including for any rehearsal dinners etc).  This activity risks the loss of our liquor license.  Consuming personal alcohol beside camper trailers is allowed.

Table wine for the wedding dinner can be purchased by the rental party from an Alberta Liquor store (the only exception to the rule).  A copy of the receipt is to be provided at the time of rental. No homemade wine is allowed. 

Please note that it is a cash bar, and only a small amount of cash is available through square if internet is working.  Guests should plan to bring cash. 

Lawn & grounds - The lawn is mowed as necessary during the summer, and will be mowed as close to wedding as weather allows.  Additional mowing can be arranged for $25/hr if reasonable notice is provided and weather conditions allow.  Snow will be removed from the parking lot, walkways, and entrances in the winter as much as possible depending on weather. 

Pets - Our food license does not allow pets in the hall at any time with the exception of certified helper dogs.  Pets on the grounds are to be controlled and cleaned up after.  Loss of damage deposit could occur if pets are brought into the hall, and cleaning fees if doggie bags are not used on the grounds.  Please ask your guests to find alternate accommodation for their pets that cannot be left outside tied up, or in campers for long periods of time. 


Camping and Parking - Camping is permitted in the parking lot and within the fenced area outside the hall near the fire pit.  There are no hookups and all campers are responsible for their own water and electricity.  Plugging in trailers or showering at the hall is not permitted.  Anyone caught in the field outside the fenced area will be asked to leave and it will result in termination of the rental contract and loss of the $950 damage deposit. Do not block access to the garbage bin on the East side of the hall on Fridays.  This could result in an extra pickup being required, and this fee will be deducted from the damage deposit. 

All campers must take their garbage with them including any pet refuse.  Please try to mostly park vehicles in the parking lot, if parking is required on the county road, only use one side of the road to allow ease of movement for other users.

Campfires - Campfires are allowed in the approved fire pit if no fire bans are in place.  Firewood is not provided.  The firewood in the wood shed is the property of the hall and is used in the winter for community events.  The burning of garbage is not permitted.

Insurance - The Demmitt Cultural Society has insurance and is covered in the event that a party is injured at the hall and that party decides to sue.  The renter is NOT covered by the hall policy and could potentially be sued as the function is the responsibility of the renter.  Therefore, all renters are required to obtain their own insurance coverage for their rental period.  This can be obtained through PAL Canada ( or through the renter’s home insurance policy. The cost of this is approximately $150 - $250 depending on the length of the policy. 

The Demmitt Cultural society requires proof of insurance prior to the rental period. The mailing address and physical location (LSD) for the hall may be required for the insurance. 

The mailing address is:

Demmitt Cultural Society

Box 26, Site 5

Hythe, Alberta

T0H 2C0 

The LSD is SE 34-74-13 W6.

The hall’s rural address: 745010 RGE RD 132 


The rental includes the use of the kitchen and everything in it. There is to be no cooking of grease laden foods in the kitchen because the hall does not have the required ventilation. All of the dishes must be washed and dried after use or a cleaning fee will be charged.


Hall rental includes

Mounted projector and screen

Use of a small sound system.

Tables      10 white 6ft x 30” wide

                21 white 8ft x 30” wide

                2 tall bar height tables with 4 chairs

Chairs     300 white folding chairs 17 ½ - 18” wide x 33 ½ high


Contact info
Please text or call Shelley 780-832-2623


We do have a FB page, but please do not send your wedding rental requests/questions there.

Hall Showing Available by Appointment Only.



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